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So, Apparently I’m Mental

I was just submitted for a great position with Disney.  Turns out it was the same position I was submitted for, by the same company, ten days ago.  Disney gave me a pass, which sucks.  But the embarrassing part was that I didn’t remember I had been submitted already.  Of course, the recruiter didn’t realize it at first, either.  Or that we had talked before about a different job.  So, to recap, I had talked to two different people at the same company, who submitted me to two different positions with Disney, one twice, and we didn’t realize it.

Normally I laugh at the recruiters who contact me and don’t remember that we’ve already met.  But now I’m in their shoes.  Out here there are so many UX positions, and so many recruiters don’t get back to you when you get passed on a position (which is the same anywhere), that I lose track of THEM as well!

Of course, it’s a little embarrassing to not remember you’ve already done something, just as its embarrassing to not remember you’ve already met someone.  Usually I only do that with family.

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