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Moved a Bit

We switched hotels.  The one we were staying at was a little bit sucky.  The AC didn’t work, the toilet didn’t work, there was only one elevator and it was a long way from our room, and the traffic from Irvine to ANYWHERE else added 1-2 hours to travel time.  So we moved a bit out of the way to Temecula.  MUCH better hotel, and traffic is pretty easy.

No traffic

We also checked out an apartment on the off chance we could get into one faster than a house.  We could, but we have too may pets.  They max out at 2 pets, and (of course) we still have 4 dogs and a cat.  Those little bastards just won’t give up the ghost, bless their souls. So until we can get the right house, we’re paying through the nose for two hotel rooms.

We found a comic and game store next to our hotel.  The kids loved it.  They now get why I wanted to open one of those in Virginia.  I had to explain to them that people in Virginia are allergic to paper, so that plan didn’t work out.

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