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Inclement Weather

Two big things have happened.  Most importantly, we now have internet!

Oh, and we enrolled the kids in school.

That second one might be the bigger deal, actually.  It certainly was the hardest to do.  Kevin’s middle school (which they call Intermediate School) was easy.  We signed him up, picked his classes, and that was that.  They don’t have school buses out here, and that sort of sucks, but we’ll survive.

The tricky part was getting Lisa and Meg set up in elementary school.  Elementary school is year round here, with four different tracks.  And they don’t line up with Kevin’s traditional schedule.  It’s something like three months on, one off.  And the school is full, so although Meg starts at the main school, Lisa has to start at a different school until October, when they move her back to the main school.  And they start early, something like 7:45am.


One thing that was pretty funny, aside from the woman enrolling in front of us also being from Virginia, was that they made an announcement over the PA system about “inclement weather.”  They were all excited.  It was a rain shower.

On a different note, at the vet’s I had to stop at a horse crossing. Ain’t that adorable?

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