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How Not to Adopt a Stray Dog

This story seems pretty popular on Facebook, so I’ll tell it again here.

So I get to the old house we just moved out of to make sure it’s ready for the landlord’s walk-through, and a dog is sleeping in the shade of our front porch. Surprised me, because it looked a lot like my dog that passed away in November. Same tan color, same stand up ears, etc. Only difference was it was a gal, judging by the visible nipples (there was a chance I would get puppies out of the deal). It had no collar and looked poorly fed, so I tried to adopt it on the spot.  I tried to lure her into my car with a rice crispy treat.  She was really sweet looking, and I was lonely since my dog died.

But the dog was skittish and had other ideas, and I wasn’t able to get her into my car or get ahold of her. She ran off.

A neighbor came out to ask what was going on. I explained what I was trying to do. The neighbor had a strange look on her face. She asked me, “Why would you try to adopt a coyote? That’s not safe.”


Anyway, long story short, we got our full deposit back and I didn’t kill my family by breeding coyotes.

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