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Hawaii? Fine, Hawa You?

So it started with several interviews with the Bank of Hawaii.  Things were looking like I was going to be getting an offer…when they decided to go in a different direction and not hire anyone for the position.  That sort of crap happens more often than you might think.  Especially with large companies.  They spend a boatload of time and money going down a path, only to have someone in a corner office read something or hear something or see something that changes their mind.  An order is given, and the whole ship turns in a different direction.

It was a bit of a let down, so I started networking with other Hawaii contacts to see of there was some other work for me.  As luck would have it, there was.  A small IT company was getting a big break, and they needed a UX person.

Things again went well.  I passed the interviews with the company, then interviewed with the main client.  It looked like we would be going to Hawaii within a few weeks.  So we spent 1k getting our pets ready to travel to Hawaii (Hawaii has some fierce anti-rabies regulations).  We sold off most of our furniture and belongings.  It was just cheaper to buy it there.

A week before buying my ticket I got the email.  The client had decided that UX wasn’t what they wanted after all.  So I was out.  Sorry.

But I already sold my lawn tractor and gave away all our desks. Can I have a do-over?  A recount?

But it was a done deal, just not done in my favor.  There’s a saying, every time a door closes another one opens.  This seems to be true, but come on.  My life was starting to look like a Scooby-Doo Hallway scene.

I sat down, my collection of Aloha shirts that had just arrived on my lap.  This must be some kind of record, even for me.  Lost a job before I even had it.

So what do I do now?

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