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As unbelievable as it is, we managed to make it to California.  With no casualties!  Only a slight burn from the waffle maker at la Quinta in Arizona.


Horrible injury

The California desert was just as bleak as the Arizona desert, but we felt better when we got there.  I had heard that we might have to go through a checkpoint as we went into California to make sure we weren’t smuggling in Florida oranges or something.  When we reached the checkpoint at the border, it was unmanned.  I supposed no one was interested in guarding the last bastion of freedom known as California.  We had just traveled the width of ‘Merica, and no one was interested in patting us down for gypsy moths.


Irvine California is a nice place.  It looks like Downtown Disney in some places.  We went to a neat little mall to eat at PF Chang’s.  It was the first meal in six days that didn’t come in a bag. But the kids went nuts with the high-falootin’ fanciness.  The elevator spoke the floors, and they acted like that was the most awesome thing since the zipper.


On a lighter note, poor Casper experienced a bit of culture shock.  He’s been traveling in his cat carrier the whole time, only coming out when we get to our hotel room.  This evening he made a bolt for freedom when Miyuki was slow closing the door.  He stopped halfway out the door when he saw the outside and didn’t recognize California.  He thought, “Where the hell is my yard??” and turned around and ran back into the room and hid in the bathroom.

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