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This adventure is the first part of the “Ancient Skies” series. All of the Ancient Skies adventures can be dropped into any existing campaign, as long as the overall storyline doesn’t conflict with the campaign storyline. The premise behind Ancient Skies is that long before humans, elves, dragons, and every other creature in the Pathfinder universe walked the earth, a much older race existed. Few even know of the existence of this “precursor race.” Those that know, a small cabal of historians known as “the Preservers,” call them “the Ancients” and believe that they are in some way the source of all life in the universe. Although the Ancients are almost certainly long gone, the Preservers believe caches of their technology and culture are hidden throughout the world. The Ancients were believed to be a very advanced civilization, covering all corners of the globe and even reaching out to the stars themselves. They had powerful weapons and unheard of technology. Finding anything tied to the Ancients is a treasure hunters dream. The Mad Wizard's Legacy is a Pathfinder Compatible adventure for characters level 1-5.

The Mad Wizard's Legacy

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