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The Trials of Being Free

I’m the only freelance employee on the planet.

Or at least it would seem that way, judging by how much trouble I’ve had with an outsourced company that has been trying to verify my past employment.  When they got to my business, Red Shirt Media, well…they became a bit confused.

Part of it was not realizing that I was the owner of the business.  But after I explained that, well, you’d think it would be all easy-peasey.  Nope.  They wanted my accountant or lawyer to write them a letter saying I worked there.  No can-do, I don’t have either of those.  Partner?  Nope.  But here’s what I did provide.  Three times.

  1. Client contact info

  2. Screen caps of time sheets I did for two projects

  3. Business website address WITH MY PICTURE ON IT

  4. Business DUNS number

  5. Copy of taxes

Took a week of going back and forth before they finally understood that self-employed means I work for myself.


But, on the plus side, I now have my California driver’s license!

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