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Review of Star Wars: Squadrons

I was excited about this game, but with guarded expectations. Most Star Wars games are a bit weak. But as long as it was true to the original material, I felt it would hit enough of the target to be ok.

Low expectations help.

It's not a bad game by far. I'm enjoying the fleet battles. But it seems to be limited in both writing and variety. The story wasn't very interesting, at least to me. And switching back and forth between Empire and the New Republic, although a cool concept, left me not really caring too much who won or lost engagements. It felt pre-determined. There were some fun moments, but finishing the story felt more like a chore.

The multiplayer is much better. Some people really have flying down. Not me, but some people. Dogfights are ok, but the real fun is in fleet battles. The only drawback there is I can see it getting old. It's a back and forth between both teams, dogfighting then attacking larger ships, then back to dogfighting. A very predictable process. Again, against real players it's much better, but it's still something you can get used to. With no sign of future DLC content, it may be a short lived game.

Still, for now, I'm playing. Even if just to get enough game money to look like an alien instead of a hipster kid. Apparently Porkins was the last fat white guy to fly for the Rebels.

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