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Never Easy…



On the way back from dinner we almost killed some chucklehead who decided to run out in front of our car about ten seconds after the light turned green.  He might have wet himself.  I know I did.  

That seems to happen a lot around here, possibly because native Californians are immortal.  But that is just a theory.

After dinner  heard from our realtor that if we can have the rather large certified check ready by tomorrow, we can sign the lease and move in.  The check had to be the first month, a deposit equal to the first month, plus an extra deposit for traveling with a friggin barnful of livestock.  Most of our money, naturally, was still in our Virginia credit union account.  Of which there are very few branches in California.

So we tried to transfer the money to my business Bank of America account.  But the Virginia Credit Union takes six full freaking days to move digital funds from one digital account to another digital account.  Did I mention it was all digital? Most banks can do that transfer on the same day for a fee.  Makes me think their wire transfers are an old guy named Phil who carries a carpetbag of cash from place to place.

So I decided to use my mobile banking app to write a check and deposit it in my account.  It’s a great app that lets you take pictures of both sides of the check, then makes the deposit and you can toss away the check.  It’s never failed me.

Until now.  It just gave me the piss-poor error message, “Error.  Unable to complete function. Please try again later.”  No mention of what the problem was, whether it would be corrected, or when I should try again.  Utterly worthless.

So I got in the car and drove to the closest ATM.  Which was broken.  Then I drove to the next one.  Which was in a building that was no longer there.  So I drove to a full BoA branch and FINALLY deposited the stupid check.  Which may or may not have cleared by the time I need a cashier’s check.

Jeez Louise…

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