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More Houses

First house

Big house with Buddy, our agent.

We spent much of today looking at more houses to rent.  They were all very nice.  They seem to use space much better out here.

The first house we looked at was the nicest looking one, and had the most rooms.  6 bedrooms and three full bathrooms!  It was beautiful.

The second house was a rancher in a gated community.  It wasn’t as large or as fancy, but we think we’re going to try and get the smaller ranch house.  Not only will we save money on cooling it because it only has one floor, but it’s solar powered!  Our electric bill will be almost zero.  It also comes with a garden that’s already growing several types of fruit and vegetables, and a gardener comes with the house at no extra charge.  We will also have access to the two community pools and playgrounds, so even though the house is smaller (4 bedrooms), it will save us a ton of money.

Solar powered house

Some of the other houses (badly framed so you can’t see anything useful because I suck at photography):

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