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Flat Somewhere

As the saying goes, you don’t really know how big this country is until you have to paint it.

Miyuki thought she was going to starve to death between Wichita, KS and Oklahoma City.  The restaurants are about 200 miles apart, and usually closed.  We stopped at one of those big Kansas gas marts, and they had a Hardees and a Dunkin Donuts.  Both closed.  We then stopped at a second gas station/chicken place, right out of Deliverance.  Miyuki was confused why everyone seemed to be cousins.  I explained that this was Oklahoma, and the gene drift is a bit shallow until you get to a real city.  She wanted chicken at the chicken place, but they were plum out.  She wanted unsweetened tea and they looked at her like she had asked if she could suck on their thumb.  It was hilarious, aside from having to ride with a hungry and crazy person for 300 miles.  I thought we might lose one of the smaller dogs, but we found a Chik-fil-A in time.

By the way, one of these pictures is Kansas, and the other is Oklahoma.  I have no idea which is which.  I wasn’t even sure when I took them.

Another Place
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