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Home Depot Sucks


Home Depot, as a collective corporate organism, is a bunch of rancid goat penises.  They refuse to take ownership of this mess.  Instead, they said that they aren’t responsible because they subbed that work out to what was essentially two guys with a truck.  They washed their hands of the whole thing and told us to sue those two guys, who probably had about eight bucks between them.  I pointed out that I didn’t hire two guys with a truck, I hired Home Depot.

But, alas, having them behave like not-asshats was not going to happen.

After a couple years of trying, State Farm just gave up.  They’re out more money than we were, but sometimes you have to cut your losses.  So all I can do is not shop at Home Depot anymore.  Which is what I’ve been doing.  Not just on big things that they can screw us over on, but little things as well.  

To date, Lowes (and Target, and even Wal-Mart) has gotten seven thousand dollars and some change from us in business that would have gone to Home Depot.  We have to go out of our way a bit, but Home Depot isn’t getting another dime of mine unless they suck it out of my…well, you get the idea.

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