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So I’ve started at ADP.  Seems like a nice enough place.  Drive isn’t too bad, especially for California, and I’ve gotten two free lunches out of the deal.  The laptop was there on my first day, which for a company this size is amazing.  I still don’t have access to anything, but let’s not get crazy.  I *do* have my badge and parking tag, so I’m ready to start doing some web stuff…

California is definitely where you want to be if you do UX.  This job appeared almost as soon as we crossed the border, and I’m getting calls and emails for UX work every day, to the point that I actually have to turn down interviews because I can’t do it all.

Good place to be in.

And as an update on the housing situation, we managed to get pre-qualified.  Good thing I’m working, because even with about 50% equity in our old house, it won’t make a very impressive down payment here…

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