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It was 115 degrees when I last checked.  The window was hot to the touch. Car handles will burn you.  I guess it explains why all the Arizona drivers are fracking crazy.  They act like they aren’t used to anyone else being on the road.  They probably aren’t, to be honest, but frack them anyway.

It didn’t help that we ended up behind the entire city of Phoenix coming home from their extended weekend.


Did I mention I left my Apple mouse back in MO?  Those things are like $60 or something.  Stupid ADD.

The kids have been impressed by the alien scenery, and I’ve spotted a few partially collapsed homesteads we could live in if California doesn’t pan out.  Might have to chase out some coyotes, but no one ever said being poor was easy.

Tomorrow we finally get to California.  And we still have all the animals!  How’s that for blind luck!

Below is a picture of Kevin enjoying the Western charm of Arizona.

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